Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm ALIVE!!!

Girls, I think this is the very first time I've ever actually been on our blog. I never knew how to do it! I'm terrible with this blogging stuff...Kristen needs facebook!! So I wanted to update my lovely ladies from Apartment #23 on my life a bit since we don't get to see each other or talk very often.

Honestly, life hasn't changed very dramatically for me, at least it doesn't feel like it. Chad graduated from BYU Hawaii in August of 2011; it was really neat getting engaged there and living our first year as a married couple in such a beautiful and different place. Chad graduated in Accounting, and I worked over there at State Farm Insurance - proof that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Once Chad graduated, we moved back to California, to a city called Upland, where Chad grew up (in San Bernadino County near Chino, Ontario, etc).

From September 2011-August 2012 we lived with my in-laws. This was NOT anticipated!! Chad's career path changed suddenly when a big business opportunity opened itself up to him right after graduation. We immediately started looking for homes to buy in the Upland/surrounding areas, but it was a long and terrible process. 1 full year and 4 escrows later, we FINALLY bought our first house in Chino!!

Chad and I both work in Upland, which is only 7 miles from where we live, so that's a huge blessing. I've continued on with the insurance field because I was hired immediately and given excellent benefits - which will come in useful when we start to grow our little family! Chad's work is literally less than 1/4mile away from my office, so we often meet up for lunch or just to say hi. Our house is older - buying in California is EXPENSIVE - but it's exactly what we were looking for.

Our house is 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and just about 1800 sq ft. For the two of us, it seems HUGE! The prior owner had put a lot of work into it and upgraded different things, so there wasn't major work that needed to be done. But we did decide to remodel the kitchen and 1 bathroom. Our kitchen has been a work in progress; I just recently installed my stove and over the range microwave, and I'm hoping Chad finishes installing my garbage disposal tonight! My dad has been super awesome and has come up a few times to help with some of the renovations - he's actually here this week putting up new door casings and nice baseboards throughout the house. It's been a fun project, and Chad and I are learning SO much!

In our other ward in Upland, I worked with the Young Women, and Chad worked with the Young Men, so we used to go to mutual together and do baptisms for the dead - it was great! Leaving that ward was really hard, but we're excited for new things!

Chad and I ran our first half marathon in June 2012, and it was really fun. We trained together and ran the entire race together, so it was a bonding experience. We're now training for a full marathon; Chad has signed up for the Chino Hills trail marathon on November 3, and Calista and I are tentatively planning to run together on Dec 26 for a full marathon in LA. Our lives are pretty busy, as all of you are, but we're happy and so blessed. I miss you girls and hope I can be better at keeping in touch with some of my very closest friends. I love you girls!!! (pictures are for Kristen)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Home again. Home again

Hello my roommates!!! It has been too long since we have updated this. I am just going to give you you a small update and tell you my new years resolutions so that you can hold me accountable for them.

We arrived to NYC on New Years Eve. We did not join in te festivities because, well we have three children and thought that would be a little silly of us. Howeverr, we did love traveling on that day because there was very little airport traffic. We are now settling into our new place in queeens. We still do not have Internet so forgive my typos. It's very Hard to update a blog from my phone.

My main reason for updating was because I was going through boxes and found all of your letters that you sent me while you were on your missions. What fun to read them.

My new years resolutions are that've meaningful scripture study daily and to have an organized daily routine for my children and myself.

I will update better later. It's horrible doing it from my phone. I love you all!!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ciao Belle!!

Hey girls, I'm so excited you got to go to ROME!!! and slightly jealous:) But, I knew you would like it and I can't wait to go back myself someday. Randi~ your comment cracked me up about using Tara's pregnant belly to skip lines. Hahahahaha. Kristen, congrats on the baby!! Also, can you re-invite me to your blog because it says it expired?? I haven't talked to Heidi in a while because I am a horrible phone corresponder...I know, it's not a word. But, I think she moved to a different part of Arizona and is still doing her awesome job. Honestly, same with Nat...I don't talk to her as often as I should since she's been in Hawaii. But, they are coming back in September and she is coming to Utah to visit me and Tempy so I'm excited for a Glenn sister reunion. Anyway, I love you all and miss my bestest friends!!!!!

Oh, and ps I'm working in Provo for the University of Chicago now (I know, it doesn't make sense to me either. I should be in Chicago, but instead I do the work far away not in the cool city I want to be in!!!!) It's kind of ironic actually, that out of all of us I wanted to get out of Provo the most...and I'm the only one still here!!!!! But, that's okay, I have many non-Provo adventures ahead I'm sure. Oh and no, I'm not engaged nor dating anyone...because I know you were wondering:)

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Buon giorno! Greetings from Rome! Tara and I are having a blast here in Rome together and we wish you were all here with us... Especially Calista b/c then she could help us with our communication issues, haha.

Tara and I had quite the adventure trying to get to church this morning. We finally made it after walking close to a mile to a bus stop and then taking 2 buses because the bus we were going to take doesn't run on Sundays (who would've known?!). Thank goodness for kind, compassionate bus drivers taking pity on two American girls. One of whom is pregnant! Oh, and that's another thing--next time any of you is pregnant, you need to travel! We get to skip all the lines because of Tara's belly! :)

(That picture took forever to load with this Italian hotel internet, so, sorry, but the rest will be small...)

Colosseum - we actually paid for a guided tour here and through the Roman Forum. While we did learn a lot we both agreed that next time we would just download a podcast from Rick Steves and listen to it on our own. Amazing structures and history!

Plazza S. Pietro

Love you all and thinking of you while in Rome!

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Baby

Proud Big Brother

Emma Valene Hayes

She finally got here! :)

She came on April 4th at about 4:15pm.

I'm loving having a little girl!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Friend

I just thought Randi and Heidi would be proud of me...a woman moved into our ward from Spain and so I have been helping her get settled here in London. I have been using my Spanish because she does not speak much English yet. It is challenging and sometimes depressing because I have forgotten so much. But, I am happy for the opportunity to practice.

I noticed neither of you commented on my last post...I hope you aren't was a joke, supposed to be funny. I love you all and miss you.

Kristen should be having her baby any day now! I find out the gender of mine in 2 weeks, just before I arrive in San Diego. Adios!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

To My Single Roommates (especially those with long legs)

I have recently acquired a bit of knowledge that might tempt you to find a way to move to South Africa (besides the adorable accents). According to a mommy friend from Ethan's school, who is from South Africa, most S.A. men are well above 6ft. tall. And, I know this to be true because our landlord is from the S.A. (as it is called) and he is a very tall dude. I just thought you would like this snippet of information when planning future job employment or relocation opportunities.

hahaha! Love you all and miss you. Nothing new here. We will be in San Diego April 15-May 2 I would love to see you. We will be out of town with my Carter family for 5 days, the 18-22.

And for fun, here are my cute dudes pretending to be sharks.